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Anti-Slip Dragon Boat Seat Pad

Anti-Slip Dragon Boat Seat Pad

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Crafted meticulously from durable PVC, this seat pad ensures you can focus on perfecting your technique and enjoying the ride—without the pain of butt blisters.

Optimal Thickness:

  • 15cm thickness, the maximum allowed by IDBF.

High-Quality Material:

  • Made from durable PVC, this seat pad is built to last.

Convenient Transport:

  • Comes equipped with a handy band to loop around your paddle, making transport to and from the water a breeze.

Wide Surface Area:

  • The generous surface area ensures a comfortable seating space, accommodating paddlers of all sizes.

Anti-Slip Grip:

  • Featuring an anti-slip grip, the pad stays securely in place, allowing you to paddle with confidence.

Prevent Discomfort:

  • Say goodbye to butt blisters! This seat pad acts as a protective layer, preventing blisters and discomfort during frequent training.

Enhanced Comfort and Technique:

  • The added comfort not only makes for a less painful ride, but also aids in improving technique by allowing you to maintain optimal posture and swing your hip more freely.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed:

    • This product is backed by our guarantee. If you aren't fully satisfied, contact us and we will make it right.
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