The Complete Guide to Finding and Joining a Dragon Boating Team

Wondering how to find and join a dragon boat team?

This comprehensive guide will help you find the perfect dragon boat team for you. Let's delve in!

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Key Takeaways

Section What You'll Learn
Finding the Right Team How to use online resources and social media to find teams.
What to Consider Before Joining Evaluating team compatibility, fees, and practice logistics.
Making the Commitment The registration process, buying gear, and becoming a valuable team member.
The Journey Ahead What to expect in competitions, off-season activities, and community involvement.

Finding the Right Team

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Online Resources

Don't know where to start looking for teams? Here are a few ways to get you in touch with local teams:

  • Reach out to your country's governing body: Search "dragon boat {your country's name}" in Google and reach out to them. They will be more than happy to direct you to some local teams!
  • Search social media: Many teams advertise on Facebook and/or Instagram. Just open the app and search for dragon boat teams, and then you can message them for more details.

Trial Sessions and Open Practices

Before you commit, most teams allow for trial sessions. These are great for getting a feel for the sport and the team’s dynamics.

Keep in mind that depending on the level of competitiveness, some teams conduct tryouts while others are open to anyone who wants to join. There are also teams that are "in the middle", so to speak; they allow anyone to join and train with them, but in order to be named onto the roster for races, you must pass a series of evaluations.

Some teams might also limit their recruiting to a certain time of the year.

Pre-Joining Considerations

Define Your Goals

Firstly, ask yourself why you're interested in dragon boating. Are you in it to expand your social network, build physical strength, engage in competition, or perhaps even to find a life partner? Knowing your goals can guide you in selecting a team that aligns with your personal ambitions. If you're a fiercely competitive individual on a team that leans more towards social activities, it may be time to reassess your team choice.

Time Investment

Consider the amount of time you're willing to allocate to dragon boating. This doesn't just mean attending a few practice sessions each week; it also includes participating in races, both local and international, attending training camps, and committing to individual fitness regimens.

For instance, competitive teams usually require a significant time investment—expect at least three on-water sessions and four to five gym sessions weekly, in addition to races and training camps. More casual teams might require only a few hours a week for on-water practices.

Gauge Family Support

How supportive is your family or social circle of your dragon boating aspirations? Your commitments to a competitive team may require you to prioritize paddling over family events and social gatherings. Make sure to evaluate whether this level of commitment fits realistically within your current lifestyle.

Financial Commitment

Set a budget for your dragon boating activities. Membership fees are just the starting point. You should also budget for other expenses like gym memberships, travel costs for out-of-town races, equipment, and team uniforms. Recreational teams usually have lower fees and fewer additional costs, making them a more budget-friendly option.

Level of Team Involvement

Decide how deeply you wish to engage with your team. Are you okay with being a reserve member, or do you want to be in the thick of every race? Consider your feelings toward practices and whether you'd feel sidelined if strong paddlers, commonly known as 'ringers,' take your spot during important races.

Comfort with Performance Testing

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Most competitive teams employ some form of testing, like paddle ergometer tests or fitness evaluations, to measure progress. If the idea of performance tests in front of teammates makes you uneasy, a recreational team with a more inclusive environment might be a better fit for you.

Unspoken Rules and Team Culture

Beyond the formal requirements and commitments, every dragon boating team has its own set of unspoken rules and cultural nuances. These may range from how new members are onboarded to what constitutes appropriate behavior during social events.

The collective team culture often dictates the vibe of the group—whether it’s focused and intensely competitive or more laid-back and inclusive. Paying close attention to these subtle cues during initial practices or social interactions can provide invaluable insights into whether a team’s culture resonates with your personal values and expectations.

Assess Your Commitment

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Last but not least, how devoted are you to your dragon boating team? Competitive teams demand a high level of commitment, often requiring you to train under various weather conditions and make personal sacrifices. If you prefer a more laid-back experience, a recreational team might be more up your alley.

Making the Commitment

Final Trial and Registration

After a final trial session, you'll usually have to fill out some forms and pay a membership fee, sealing your commitment to your dragon boating team.

Purchasing Your Own Gear

Once you get into the sport, you'll probably want to invest in your own gear. Here's a list of what to consider:

  • Paddles: A high-quality carbon fibre paddle like ours is a popular choice for its lightweight yet durable design.
  • Seat Cushions: A seat pad offers comfort and anti-slip features, letting you focus more on your technique and less on discomfort.
  • Life Vests: Safety first! Invest in a reliable life vest such as the a PFD lifejacket or belt PFD for peace of mind while you're out on the water.

Tips on Being a Valuable Team Member

  1. Regular Attendance: The more you practice, the better you get.
  2. Positive Attitude: A constructive mindset goes a long way.
  3. Ongoing Learning: Always be open to feedback and look for ways to improve your skills.
  4. Good Communication: Clear, timely communication is key, not just with the captain but with your teammates as well.
  5. Teamwork: Remember, dragon boating is a team sport. Collaboration and unity are paramount.

The Journey Ahead

Competitions and Tournaments

Once you've donned your team's jersey and become an official member of a dragon boating team, the thrill of competition awaits you. Many teams set their sights on specific tournaments or races, often of varying levels of competitiveness. The lead-up to these events can be quite intense and exciting, featuring specialized training routines, mock races, and even dedicated boot camps to hone your skills and team dynamics.

Off-Season Activities

While dragon boating is predominantly seen as a fair-weather activity, the off-season is far from a period of dormancy. Savvy teams capitalize on this time to focus on strength and conditioning programs, engage in indoor paddle simulations, and host team-building activities. Social events like team dinners or holiday parties are also common, serving to maintain team cohesion and spirit during months away from the water.

Networking and Community Involvement

The dragon boating experience transcends the sport itself, plunging you into a larger, often tight-knit community. Networking opportunities abound, from fundraisers and charity events to community outreach programs. Participating in these events not only enriches your own experience but also fortifies the team’s presence and reputation within the broader community.

Lifelong Learning

One of the most addictive aspects of dragon boating is the perpetual room for growth and skill enhancement. Whether you have ambitions of taking on a leadership role as a drummer or steerer, or you aim to master advanced paddling techniques, there's always a new challenge on the horizon. Many teams also offer workshops, coaching sessions, and skill-specific training for members eager to diversify their skill set.


Finding and joining a dragon boating team might seem like a daunting process, but it's all about knowing what to look for and where to find it.

Once you've found a team, you're ready to start brushing up on your dragon boat basics.

So go ahead, take that first paddle stroke, and dive into the enchanting world of dragon boating. Be sure to check out our products so that you can get into dragon boat with the best gear!

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